2016 by photographer and friend Kaylin Collingwood

2016 by photographer and friend Kaylin Collingwood

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7 Simple Style Tips to Channel Your Inner #EnglishGentleman

7 Simple Style Tips to Channel Your Inner #EnglishGentleman

Just in Time for Valentine's Day
Part 2 of #PGHStyleSeries with Kylie Mascara

Trying to impress a date this Valentine’s Day? Want to improve your wardrobe or personal style? While you might think you don’t have the dough (or the desire) to channel Bergdorf Goodman’s trending #EnglishGentleman style, fear not: Stylist Kylie Mascara is here to make it a lot easier and more affordable than you think.

Closet-editing, part of Kylie’s skill set, can aim your style in the direction you want to take it.  By adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe, or a few quick steps to your maintenance routine, you can really up your look and confidence. Not sure where to start? Your first consultation with Kylie is totally free, so reach out and set up an appointment! In the meantime, take heed to these simple suggestions and no matter what your Vday plans are, you'll feel damn good doing them.

1. Smell Good

Pick your poison, but Kylie suggests Maison Margiela's Replica, in either "At the Barber" or "Jazz Club." You can purchase here, or go to Sephora and ask for a sample.

2.  Clean Your Beard

Beard and mustache maintenance is important if you subscribe to face fuzz. Pamper yourself (or your s.o.) with a trip to Mister Grooming & Goods or The Humble Barber in the North Side and show your face some love.

3. Invest in Good Loafers

"This is an investment!" Kylie says, and "should be part of your 365-day wardrobe. My husband lives in a pair of Gucci loafers he got 3 years ago, and just had them refurbished. They'll last forever."  Find them at Nordstrom Rack.

4. Wear Clean White Ts

While you're at it, why not give your whole undergarment collection and revamp and check out Trim Pittsburgh, a trendy and stylish men's underwear shop on Baum Blvd that you might not have heard of but that will change your life.

5.  Find a Well-Cut Short

Nothing too baggy or long. It might seem a little early: after all, February in Pittsburgh is hardly Spring. But those who have been afraid of a little knee-exposure might need more time in the dressing room. Need help figuring out your ideal cut? Reach out to Kylie for that free consultation already!

6. Invest in Quality Knits

A good knit is a staple in your year-long wardrobe, as something you can throw on to warm up or accessorize an outfit. Need a little inspo? Kinsman Shop on Butler Street is a curated collection of select items handpicked by the owners.

7.  Shades

Finish your style off with a cool accessory, like shades made by an official US Air Force Supplier or ones that you can fold up and stash away when you're not using. Cool, functional, badass.

See something you like? Have a style you want to emulate? Don't have time to shop? Kylie is here to help. Did you reach out yet?

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